SkatePal project taking over the national radio station of Estonia

We still can’t get past the Palestine skateboarding scene.  In already 7 days Julia and Rauno will be on a plane to head over to Palestine. Yesterday they took time to have a chat with Eeva Esse in Radio 2 about the projects background and why on earth they got and idea like this the first place.

Rosa Park, Asira Al-Shamaliya. 2015

The “Agenda” show is in Estonian languange, so it might not be quite for everyone 😉
Click on the link below to listen to the show:

SkatePal project May

Rauno and Julia are headed to Palestine to be part of a non-profit project that is run by SkatePal. The movement of SkatePal started in 2013 and ever since skateboarders from around the world meet up in Palestine to teach and empower local youngsters through a piece of wood called skateboard.

I heard about this project somewhere around end of January or early February. Julia came up to me at the skatepark and she was like, “dude, do u wanna go to Palesetine with me and teach skate..”. Before she finished the sentence I was already all in.

Time is passing quickly and on the 8th of April we are running a skateboarding competition in Tartu indoor skatepark to fundraise money for the project.  Big supporters for the cause are Eesti Tänavaspordi LiitHouse of Marsten (Vans Estonia),  Tartu Skatehall & Tartu Rulakool.

How can you help?

We are also starting fundraisers at Indiegogo and Hooandja, where you can show your support for the cause and send donations.

Donations can also be made to Rulakool MTÜ bank account, details as follows:

explanation: “SkatePal May”

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